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"Superbly researched and well-written, Joe Buff's novels are the creme de la creme of submarine thrillers."
--Stephen Coonts

"Joe Buff takes the reader through a labyrinth of action and high adventure. A rare thriller, highly entertaining."
--Clive Cussler

"If you want a hair-raising trip to the bottom of the ocean, Joe Buff's the guy to take you there."
--Patrick Robinson

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To Learn Even More About Submarines and the U.S. Navy, Visit: The Official Website of The Naval Submarine League. Surf their "Links" list for some of the best (real) sub diagrams and cutaway views around!

Help fund college scholarships for the children of USN Submariners! Joe is a benefactor of The Dolphin Scholarship Foundation.

Non Fiction Articles
No "Cold Wars to End All Cold Wars"
This two-part paper won NSL's 2016 First Prize Literary Award

Will China Rule the Waves?
This two-part paper won NSL's 2006 First Prize Literary Award

[Joe Buff / JoeBuff.Com] A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR

Submarines rank among the most sophisticated weapons systems, and the most impressive benchmarks of technology and engineering, ever achieved by the human race. Stunning feats of courage by their crews, of sacrifice and endurance, loom large on the pages of history. Since the end of the Cold War, a whole new generation of submarine classes, with astonishing sensors, weapons, off-board vehicles, and stealth, was conceived and is under construction by the United States Navy.

The world's oceans are the world's highways for the transport of goods and the conduct of commerce. Continued mastery of undersea warfare is vital, because whoever controls the ocean's depths controls its surface, and thus protects much of the world. Seapower, strongly employed, is key to upholding peaceful societies everywhere.

[Joe Buff / JoeBuff.Com] But do America and our Allies take our free access through international waters too much for granted? Advanced submarine technology is proliferating among countries who haven't always been our friends. Nuclear weapons are also spreading at an alarming pace, with trans-national conspiracies, shrewdly hidden for years, only recently being unmasked. What mortal threats to freedom still remain hidden?

The enemy you don't see coming, because of your own blind spots and preconceived notions, is the one who'll get you every time -- and the enemy knows it too. The 9/11 Commission Report warned us all of “failures of imagination” and “unprepared mind-sets.” Beyond the global war on terror, what shape might the 21st century's almost inevitable, eventual major worldwide armed conflict take? When faced with so many dangerous future unknowns, the Navy wargames worst-case scenarios to learn everything it can. As a professional writer and seasoned risk analyst, my extreme action-adventure novels aim to do the same thing, based on a firm foundation of extensive and constant non-fiction research. Perhaps the only certainty is that heroic submariners and special operations forces will play a key role in deterring that Next Big War, or in winning it.
--JOE BUFF, 2006

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Deep Sound Channel, Crush Depth, Thunder in the Deep

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