With his electrifying novel Deep Sound Channel, Joe Buff delivered military fiction and submarine combat into the twenty-first century with a new level of authenticity, vision, and power. Now he picks up where he left off, bringing to awesome life a frightening seascape where technology pushes warriors to new extremes--and warriors push technology to the max...


Meet the weapon of the future: the Challenger, a nuclear powered fast-attack submarine whose electronic eyes and ears are the most advanced ever created. Commanded by Captain Jeffrey Fuller--a former Navy SEAL whose drive has made him a rising star and sometimes scares the hell out of his crew--the Challenger's mission is to rescue the the Virginia-class sub Texas, now laying at the bottom of the Atlantic.

Meet the new enemy: a newly resurrected and fanatically militaristic Germany that knows the Challenger is coming. It is Challenger the Germans want, dispatching their own high-tech supersub, the Deutschland, to destroy her.

The race across a horrific undersea war zone will demand all the courage and skill Fuller and his crew can muster. But the Challenger's mission will be radically redefined, sending Fuller, his SEALS, and freedom fighter Ilse Reebeck into Germany itself--plunging them into the depths of high-tech danger and high-risk military stategy unlike anything experienced before.


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