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Why Planned Giving Now?
by Joseph J. Buff, [IMAGE]2006

Joe, who is a Life Member of the Naval War College Foundation, recently made a substantial estate bequest to the Foundation (see, thus joining its Heritage Society. The Foundation's Executive Director asked Joe to write a brief essay, explaining his reasons for this planned giving, which appeared in the "Foundation Notes" newsletter issue for Spring 2005. Because of the vital importance of maintaining robust American sea power during unstable times, while nationwide debate rages over defense budgets and base closings, that essay is reproduced here in full. Joe strongly encourages other folks to look into joining the Foundation -- benefits include a subscription to the superb and thought-provoking quarterly journal, the "Naval War College Review," one of the best scholarly periodicals on naval affairs in existence today.

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[IMAGE] Why Planned Giving Now?
by Joe Buff

The Naval War College has for more than a century been a brilliant keystone of national defense. It's a pragmatic training ground for naval officers, and a think tank of the very highest intellectual caliber, rolled into one. The College draws on the past and present to help make sure that the United States, as the arsenal of democracy, remains focused and strong going forward. The Naval War College boasts international reach and impact, through the hundreds of people from foreign countries who participate in its programs, gaining inspiration and making friendships that last for life.

But no human life lasts forever. And aggressive war by evil-doers, alas, is an ugly but inescapable reality of the wider global canvas around us. Planned giving to the Naval War College Foundation is thus an outstanding way to create a permanent legacy for peace. Personally returning something to this great and vital institution only seems fair, I believe, in appreciation of having enjoyed all the wonderful day to day benefits flowing from our nation's hard-won freedoms -- freedoms which the College went a long way toward making possible.

Today, worrisome debate rages over defense budget cuts, including proposed severe reductions to our carrier and submarine fleets -- the capital ships of the 21st century. I'm deeply concerned that the effectiveness of America's sea power in the years ahead is at risk, if planning horizons are overly short-term or visions of future armed conflict stay too limited. A robust Naval War College now, with its culture of soberminded yet innovative strategic insight and analysis spread far and wide by its generations of graduates, can aid preventing ill-considered, irreversible choices which might later leave us isolated and weak. Having arranged a bequest, to join the Heritage Society, gives me a feeling of satisfaction that I've done the most I can to help assure that the College, and the U.S. Navy, for decades to come achieve all their assigned missions in troubled times in an unstable world.

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