Praise for Joe Buff from NY Times Bestselling Authors:

"Superbly researched and well-written, Joe Buff's novels are the creme de la creme of submarine thrillers."
--Stephen Coonts

"Joe Buff takes the reader through a labyrinth of action and high adventure. A rare thriller, highly entertaining."
--Clive Cussler

"If you want a hair-raising trip to the bottom of the ocean, Joe Buff's the guy to take you there."
--Patrick Robinson

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Sub Pens will resume in Spring '06, please check here then for exact schedule.

"Sub Pen" Privacy Policy: No transcripts of meeting sessions will be kept or published.

Greeting, friends and colleagues! Thank you all for subscribing to my "Vision 2006 Briefing and Update" e-Newsletter, and for your interest and support regarding my writing. This message is to tell you about a new, interactive, feature that my Webmaster, Bill Parker, and I have added to The feature is a "Virtual Talk and Call-In Show" with me as the host and moderator. This talk show uses the architecture of an Internet chat room installed on my website. The "Show" will run most Tuesday evenings starting at 9 pm East Coast time (6 pm on the West Coast USA), until about midnight East Coast/9 pm West Coast.

The chat room will only be active while I am "on" as the host/moderator. It can be reached very easily when the time comes: Simply go to my website, and among the buttons on the top-left of the Home Page, click on the button that says "Sub Pen Chat Room." Click on that button, and you will arrive on the "active" version of this Talk Show Page. Click in the window in the middle of the page, and allow a few seconds for your connection to the chat room to load and come alive. Use a screen name to log in. Then you can follow the typed conversation as it unfolds, or participate during the questions and answers, as much or as little as you like. (If you don't have Java Support installed in your browser software yet, please see the free download link in the Tech Problems Q&A at the bottom of this page.)

The Talk Show will last two or three hours, and you can come and go as you like. Over time, we'll be having Special Guests, including retired submariners and other authors, so it should be lots of fun and informative for all of us! The agenda for now is more open-ended: "Topics of general interest regarding national defense, submarines, the War on Terror, etc."

Your suggestions are always most welcome! You can reach me by hitting the CONTACT button at top left on this page. I always answer every e-mail. Thanks again and best regards!


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--Joe Buff.

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