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"In the sonar compartment, everyone can hear you scream." --Joe Buff

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Book 6: Seas of Crisis

The Allied Powers continue their uncertain and deadly war against the Fascist Berlin–Boer Axis. The Russians remain ostensibly neutral––but their actions hint at something far more dangerous. When the U.S. discovers that the Russians are providing the Axis powers with weapons technology that could shift the balance of power, Captain Jeffrey Fuller, one of the most decorated heroes in the U.S. Navy, is called in to put an end to this potentially catastrophic Russian involvement.

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Book 5: Straits of Power

Jeffrey Fuller has a new mission – use his cutting–edge submarine Challenger to recover a German spy claiming to have key information about the Berlin–Boer Axis, information that could be crucial to winning the war. Fuller will have to navigate his super–silent sub through some of the most densely patrolled waters in Europe if he hopes to accomplish his mission.

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Book 4: Tidal Rip

Commander Fuller has distinguished himself in battle, becoming one of America's most inspirational heroes in its war with the Berlin-Boer Axis. Time and time again, Fuller has taken his crew of elite submariners into the most dangerous waters in the world, matching wits and weapons with the best of Germany's and South Africa's fighting force, and every time he has emerged the victor.

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Book 3: Crush Depth

In the foreseeable future, the world is a far different place. The Axis and Allied powers are recovering from a violent encounter between a German nuclear-powered fast-attack submarine and the USS Challenger, commanded by Captain Jeffrey Fuller. But the war has only begun . . .

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Book 2: Thunder In The Deep

Thunder in the Deep picks up where Deep Sound Channel left off, bringing to life a frightening seascape where technology pushes warriors to new extremes, and warriors push technology to the max. This time the difference between victory and defeat hinges on the two most advanced nuclear attack submarines in the world.

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Book 1: Deep Sound Channel

An electrifying new voice in military fiction, Joe Buff has written a riveting and totally realistic tale of military adventure-a spectacular novel that is sure to establish this outstanding author as the new master of the genre. Vividly authentic and impeccably researched, it takes readers into the not-too-distant future, when the United States is embroiled in a tactical nuclear war that will mark a new era of weapons and tactics, geopolitical alignments, and human courage....

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A superb high-water mark in naval fiction!

Bestselling Submarine Novelist

Superbly researched and well-written, Joe Buff's novels are the creme de la creme of submarine thrillers.

Bestselling Technothriller Author

Joe Buff takes the reader through a labyrinth of action and high adventure. A rare thriller, highly entertaining.

Bestselling Maritime/Undersea Adventure Writer

If you want a hair-raising trip to the bottom of the ocean, Joe Buff's the guy to take you there.

Bestselling Submarine Novelist

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